I got all my pots to Lark and Key today. I'm always so nervous about the work and the opening whenever one goes up. Now it is out of my hands and I'll walk in tentatively Friday night to see how it all looks and how people respond to it. I got alot of good information for myself from this last set of pots. I have a photo to put up in the next day or so of a piece with the terra sig on it along side my amber glaze. I have a new vision, still working, still thinking, always trying to get one baby step ahead of another.
I'll be back soon!


Blind Fly Theater said...

I'm a lazy man compared to you, Jen!!! You have so much incredible energy, and you inspire me to take more baby steps than usual... I've always wanted to be prolific, and you're the poster child for that.
Thanks for the fire!

Anonymous said...

good luck on the show... hope it's a great success

Jen Mecca said...

I have to laugh, I kind of dought anyone who knows me would call me prolific or one with a burst of energy. I"m more like that nutty witch on Bugs Bunny that is always running around with the booby-pins flying out of her hair and being out smarted by a crazy rabbit!I'm really a mess!
Thanks for all the kind words. I'll try to keep up looking amazing while laughing at the other end of the web tripping over the power cord!

our little love nest said...

Great to have found your blog. I love your work and look forward to seeing it in Lark and Key.

Cindy Biles said...

Jen--I have seen your work in person, and it is wonderful! I, too, am a clay artist--hand build pretty much nonfunctional work, so love to see the combination of wheel work and embellishments.

Also love reading about your process and tribulations--finding time, and space to put things down for a photo--no doubt other artists can totally relate!