Time to Sing "Raw Hide"

.....are you ready?

Glazing, Glazing, Glazing...Keep those pots a Glazing, got to keep on Glazing Oh No! Gotta Grade, Gotta Clean, Gotta Glaze, Gotta Feed can't stop now, whoa is me.............

Ok, so that is why I haven't been on here bloggin'. I also played single parent this week and took a day to sit down with my pottery buddies for some much needed pottery chatter. Before you know it, the weekend is here, Joey's home and soon Monday will be right up on me and I'm back to trying to work , keep all little people entertained and the house clean. I think I"m in need of a helper this summer? Hummmmmm
Speaking of helpers when the girls where 6 months, I hired a college student who would come in and help me with the kids 3 days a week. She of course graduated and went off to get her masters in Architecture. Very smart, sweet girl. We lost touch with each other and she happen to find me on Facebook and the kids and I met her last week for some fun. If your a young mom in need of help, college kids are a great way to help a "craft-mom" keep things a float. I found that having a student who had a background in art so she could sort of relate to what I was trying to achieve at home was a nice fit.
I'm off for some studio time. Just another plug below for my opening next weekend at Lark and Key.
What a nice postcard!

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Anonymous said...

i'll have to keep that in mind, good luck at lark and key.