My thoughts as I go out to work....

Yesterday I was determined to get out and make some Terra Sig that I've been wanting to try and test on my pots for I think ...over a year.
I thought I give you a play by play on my thoughts yesterday as I wondered out the door to have a little pottery time in the midst of birthday parties, taking my niece to see the band "The Fray" for her sixteenth birthday and a whole list of other things.
I did manage to sneak away for a few hours of silence while Joey took everyone to the local pool. Here's my running thought pattern while I talk to myself on my way to make glazes and terra sig!
Wow, lots of pots under plastic, wonder if anything has a cracked? I need to get those in the kiln and start my bisque load. Oh yah..I need to check the elements. Wow..what a pain in the butt to change elements...if only I had my own live-in handy man around! Oh yah..guess I do. I meant one that fixed things and didn't need any help from an assistant. Wow..that would be great, I could just throw while he fixed my kiln without any help from me! Fantasy.......

Didn't realize how many finished pots I really do have. Hummm is there anything here besides my cookie jars that I want to put in my next show. Boy I'm stacked on tiles!
Does anyone else out there have to share their space with kids toys, a million nuts in buckets, plant growing stuff and lawn chairs? Com'on folks..why can't this stuff go right out to the back barn? Oh yah, its got all my show displays hoggin' all the room....

Boy..this really takes the cake. Good thing I love my cats because sharing a space with a kitty-litter box just is not cool! Thank goodness I don't have that many customers that want to come out to my studio.
( Paws cut her foot last week and had to have some stitches...my studio is a make-shift porta-john for her until her foot heals!)

Out the door I go!
Look at that Variegated Hydrangea! It must of bloomed while we were away. I've got to find some time in the day next week to get out and work in my flower beds.
The elephant ear garlic finally bloomed while we where gone. Boy, if only I had learned how to braid garlic like my grandmother. My uncle use to have a shed full of this stuff when I was little! Those blooms are so cool!

Ah ha! My wild flowers here are sprouting. Guess I didn't kill the ground totally with all my left over glaze water I've tossed out this door every now and than. Not anymore! I kind of like the flower bed here. Makes me keep things neat out here.
Time to work with only glaze stuff in my shed to deal with..........what are the golf clubs doing here? LORD!

Time to make the terra sig!


Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Your stream-of-consciousness writing cracked me up! I can relate!... Only I'd probably have to censor some of mine (on the bad days). On the good days, it would all be in song. Like Sound of Music. Or Mary Poppins. (I actually had the soundtrack to Fiddler on the Roof playing in my studio - and was singing along, poorly - when someone walked in the other day... Kind of embarrassing, but a sure ice-breaker!)

Anonymous said...

wow! lots of finished pots, i wish i could get ahead on inventory

Jen Mecca said...

( I've been known to make-up my own show tunes from time to time while working and dealing with my kids!)

I wished I had SOLD all these pots last weekend at the show I had to concel. Everything has a silver lining I guess.

Big Al said...

Jen, your stream of thought is interesting. Sounds like the things that go through my head when I'm off to do something. Just so you know, those of us that use your wonderful pottery have a stream of thought, too. Every time I take out the butter dish I think of who made it and how much we like it. I do the same with my Ron pots, too. Knowing the people that made the things I use is so much more fun and meaningful.

As for the kids and their stuff...it won't be long before you'll wish it was there and they were under foot. The silence of kids not at home can be deafening!

Jen Mecca said...

Thanks Al for your words of wisdom. I already miss the toddler stage!
I'm so happy I'm thought of when the topic of "butter" comes up. It is one of my favorite foods!

Blind Fly Theater said...

Your space looks amazingly similar to mine, Jen, annoying distractions and all!

Jen Mecca said...

Yes...and I'm VERY easily distracted as you can see by my thoughts.