Visit to the Mint

So last night I taught my last class at Clayworks. Here is a photo of a few of my day students. (Pat Warren was kind of be on the other end of this camera! And Susan Benoit shared her house with us for some wine and chips!) I've grown fond of these gals because I've had several of them in many of my classes and its so nice to get to know everyone over time. There are many students I've had at Clayworks that I've enjoyed seeing pop in and out of my classes. I love to see what they are up to when they move on to someone else also. Perhaps in a few years I'll go back to teaching clay and some night course. Right now, it is such a wonderful feeling to know I can just be home with my kids and concentrate on them, my studio, our house and take care of myself a bit as well by taking one less responsibility off my plate for a little bit. Big sigh...for many reason last night while I drove home.

Our last class yesterday ended with a trip to the Mint Museum here in Charlotte. We started off with the intention of just visit the Face jug exhibit but we found the time to go see some other neat stuff.
One show was all about Platform shoes and I really enjoyed it. Such funky stuff people will design and even more strangely....put on their feet!
The best part of the visit was seeing paintings and some sculpture from the New Orleans Museum of art. They had a really nice representation of all the famous people we all read about in our art books. I love museums!
So....for the "Quiz of the day", I think I'll just say that one person did guess correctly, but you will just have to wait and see what the final result is! Stay tuned!


Ron said...

Jen, you're a great teacher and Clayworks has been lucky to have you. I know you will be missed by your former students and your fellow instructors (me esp.). You have certainly gone above and beyond to share your love of pottery with others. Thank you for that. It helps us all. I am looking forward to seeing you when I get home.

jkarout said...

It is always great to hear how much people enjoy their visits to The Mint. I am amazed at the scope of our permanant collection and the quality of the special exhibitions that visit the museum. The shoes are wonderful from a design standpoint and that people actually wore them it even more interesting. I like the very tall black boots.

Anonymous said...

looks like fun... i'm on pins and needles

Becky said...

Though I was never in one of your classes you offered me so much advice. YOU were the one who got me interested in barrel firing (did you know you'd create such a monster?) Thank you so much for all that you gave...even to those of us who weren't in your class.

Thank you, Jen!