Happy Fathers Day

I have to say Happy Fathers Day to someone who I think is one of the best Dad I know. Here he is a few Christmas's ago with 3 other little people who would agree with me I'm sure.
I'm sure Joey had no clue when he signed on board for father-hood 9 years ago what he had gotten himself into. Who really can prepare you for that! On top of it, he also got a crafts person with the deal and we all know that since it is a round the clock job, I needed my husband to be just more than a provider and partner to go along with that. His help with the kids has really allowed me to do as much as I have since motherhood began for me.

From day 1 when Quiad arrived in this world Joey would bath him, do midnight feedings, doctors appointments and would take him all sorts of places while I worked. Of course once the girls came along, he had double duty. We use to have a system where he'd come home from work, we'd eat and I would go out to work so he'd have to bath everyone, read to them and put them to bed. Once the kids got older I realised he needed my help so we've pushed that system back a bit. I also have to admit he is a much better "play-mate" than I am with the kids. He will sit at night and play playmobil/lego's guys with Quaid and Barbies with the girls. It is pretty funny to hear the dialogue that goes on between he and the kids. I even have photo's of him in drag when he really lets his guard down and the girls will dress him up in hats and bows. My mother and "non-craft people" friends are endlessly amazed at how much he does for the kids. I think really Dad's of our generation do much more than they did when I was growing up. I love my Dad, but I"m sure he never changed diapers!

Happy father day to all the Dad's out there today. Hope you get a good meal, some rest and lots of hugs.
Today I'm off to try and change some elements in my kiln!

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Scott Smith said...

What a nice Father's Day post. I enjoyed reading it. That Joey --- what a good Dad. But whatever you do, DON'T tell my kids about the dress-up thing... I don't want them to get any crazy ideas.