I said goodbye to a great, spunky, strong women today who was a big influence in my life. I was so lucky to be so close to my grandmother through out my childhood and adulthood. I wish everyone could be so lucky. For my thesis in graduate school I spoke of how while growing up food was such a big part of my childhood. Many weekends where spent at my grandparents and the discussion at breakfast was always about what we were going to have for dinner.

My grandmother had two kitchens in her house. One was up stairs and her "pasta" kitchen downstairs. On many Sundays my memories always recall my grandmother down in that kitchen cooking all day.

By the time dinner was about to be served, she would set an elaborate table with many different serving pieces. Dinner time would go on for hours. There was always tons of food, many heated discussions and as a child I would just sit, eat and listen.
I made this the focus of my thesis in school. I designed all my own place-settings, menu and serving dishes for each item. The gallery was set-up like a dinner date. I borrowed antique tables and chairs and my written thesis was dedicated to my family.

I love to eat. I love to sit at the table and have great conversation with others while enjoying a good meal. I love to set a table. I married someone who loves to cook and is fabulous at it as I have mentioned many times.
I know the main reason this is all so important to me is because of all the wonderful hours I spent with my grandmother.
She was a character and I will miss her but know I will continue to be inspired by all I've learned from her.


Ron said...

Thinking of you and your family today. Those photos are treasures. Take care. r

Tracey Broome said...

What a wonderful tribute to your grandmother. I too was very close to my grandmother, she raised me the first three years of my life while my parents worked all the time. I think I bonded more with her than my own mom. I miss her terribly still even though she passed away over ten years ago. She even outlived my dad. I have those same food memories and I think the reason I love pottery so much is from all the trips I made with her to Seagrove as a child. You are very blessed to have had her in you life I think!

potrron said...

I also enjoyed the treasure that was my grandmother and your tribute to yours is a wonderful memory to keep in your heart.

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

This post about your grandmother is really special. You both were so fortunate to have each other.

Terry Shipley said...

Jen, Wonderful memories you've shared about your grandmother. You'll think often of those times. Thoughts are with you and your family.

Becky said...

Jen, your post is so beautiful. And, somehow, I know your loving grandmother sees it and smiles . She lives on in you as you celebrate her life. I find myself laughing the way my Grandmother used to laugh sometimes. It's not my laugh at all, but hers. I always marvel at that.

thinking of you...

vicki hartman said...

Hi Jen,
Had to go back and check this out again. It is amazing how your description of your grandma could have been about mine as well. (Save for the 2 kitchens!) I have been thinking since my Grandma's death, if when we all become grandma's what we might be like. Most of ours never had careers other than raising kids. I wonder how our experience in the work world will affect that simplicity Grandma's tend to embody.

Beautiful thoughts and pictures!