Checking in...

I just finished some checking in the my art history folks, Quaid is off to golf camp and the girls are waiting to be picked up by a dear friend of mine who is doing an "Taste of Italy" camp at their school. Once I finish here, I'm going to feverishly clean up a bit and await a visit from Ron and Amy to talk Penland, Pots and Progress. ( I just thought I throw in progress because it sounded good.)
In the studio I'm about to put together some candy dishes and start staining some things for the bisque kiln. I had a slight set-back with my kiln yesterday. Seems the new element I put in had a bit more current than normally and shut everything down in my shed. At least this is what I was told by my electrician and I don't know enough about that stuff to question anything. So....today it is back on. I'm so anxious to see my Terra Sig!!!!!!
More later...

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vicki hartman said...

Hi Jen,
Thanks for checking out my blog, i am enjoying reading yours. your fathers' day post is very sweet. i am glad ron told me about you, i do need to know there are people with kids making this life work.
good for you!