Glaze kiln

The kiln is loaded and on. I was thinking this morning how I ugly glazed pots look when they are glazed. I just like to get them done and shut the door and hope for treasures at the end.
These are the tests a did I few weeks ago. I'm retesting the two I liked. Kind of hard to see from this photo which ones kind of worked. I'm testing a bigger span of a few of these to see if there is crazing or not. I'll continue with these after I get more results out.
Off to see my kids graduate from there little school today. They are very excited for summer to begin.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

I did a before and after shot on my blog of pots---kinda cool to see, for example, the pale green colored wet glaze turns red after firing, etc!

Judi Tavill said...

I'm in testing hell..
I hope graduation went smoothly!

Scott Smith said...

Yesterday was the big last school day for us too. Amelia's class had a cute little musical program. It was nutty, but adorable (of course). They were a little sad that school was over. Crazy, huh?

I bet the opening of the kiln is a VERY cool thing.