It occurred to me today that now that I have this fancy camera, I really need to find or build a good spot to take some photo's. I guess most everyone takes shots of their pieces when they come out the kiln in their studio on a table or some place like that, but I just could not find anywhere today to set these few things I wanted to photograph. Hummmm...Perhaps it is time for a studio re-arrangement and a new project for the summer.

I will have to say that still with my high gloss glazes, I think it going to be a real challenge trying to take a good professional looking shot of my work. Isn't it funny how craftspeople really do have to be skilled at so many different things!

At any rate, here is a sneak peek of what came out of the kiln for my show this weekend. You got to love the towel I have underneath these two pieces!You can see that I did get some of those yummy drips on the ends!

Here is the cookie basket!


Anonymous said...

lovely cake stand... i always give people this link because it helped me so much when it came to photograpy... http://jeffcampana.com/blog/2009/03/turning-pots-into-jpegs-part-one-the-setup/

Jen Mecca said...

Cool! Thanks Jim..I'll check that out. Jen

Scott Smith said...

Jen, these pieces are very different from the stuff I'm used to seeing you make. Very cool & interesting. And a nice tribute to your Grandmother.

Good pics too by the way. Do you have a tri-pod?

Anonymous said...

Jen...really like to looks of some of your new work. You won't believe this but I have been taking pottery at Piedmont Tec's Edgefield facility for the past 3 years, have established a studio at the gallery, have done a couple of shows, entered two jurried shows (won in both)and am selling a lot in the gallery. I am so mediocre! Maybe in five or six years I will be OK.
I have studied with Ellen Shankin, Mark Hewitt, Rick Berman, Priscilla Hollingsworth, Tom Spleth...can't get enough. Hope to hear from you soon. Bob Taylor