Terra Sigillata Test

I was so excited to get this tile out yesterday. I have been talking about putting terra sig on my pieces for quit sometime but for one reason or another, I haven't gotten the right recipe or colorant for it.

Well, here is what came out of the kiln yesterday. The inner, round parts to the flowers are the terra sig's. Its more of a butter yellow where I brushed it on thick and on the edges it a nice terra cotta orange, which was what I am looking for. I think that I would be the most successful with this surface if I could spray it on, but I don't have a compressor at my finger tips, or spray booth for that matter so I need to think about this a little bit more. Perhaps another test or maybe I'll just wing it on a few of my new pieces. At any rate...small step for me but happy that I finally took the first step.


Anonymous said...

looks great and the picture's great too.

Ron said...

I think this looks great. It adds some warmth. Good job. Go for it.

amy said...

That terra sig looks great Jen. I'm so excited for you- wish it had come out while we were there yesterday so we could've seen it in person!