Just a few shots

I'll be in Blowing Rock this weekend at Arts in the Park. I think July is one of the best months for great crafts people. Like I said, I think I may come a little short on having a full load for the show but I didn't want to give up on a show. Plus, I really enjoy this show because I meet some great people and usually get some special orders so...we'll be heading up there very early on Saturday morning.
Here are just a few shots of drying pots.
These are the smaller version of the vases I was working on when I got so frustrated with my clay. I guess all in all this isn't a bad thing. Not everyone wants a huge vase!
Here are the taller versions. They are about 2 feet high I think.This is a new flower block shape. Last night it got a top and I'm slowly working on the springing for it.
I've made a few cookie jars and here again, is a flower block. I tend to like the longer version that is up above so I'm not sure I'll keep this today. I have been "killing" more of my pieces lately. I meant to post something about the ice cream Sunday dishes never making it to the kiln. I wasn't in love with the final result when they where about to be bisque so I thought I might as well keep the clay and get rid of the form. I feel a lot better these days when I do stuff like that. I use to think more pots where better but now I think less pots that look better makes more sense. This has taken I guess longer for me to get than some other potters. We are all so different in our thought process and how we look at our career and the outcome. ( OHHHHHH...deep thought).

On that note, I'm off to doing some house work and then later today onto more pots!


Anonymous said...

lovely vases and keep the deep thoughts coming

Gary's third pottery blog said...

lookit that SWEET covered piece!

Jen Mecca said...

My sister was here this weekend and I mentioned you to her ( the whole cornell connectiong thing) she said he KNOWS the purple house in Etna!
Small world.....................

barbara chadwick said...

Hi Jen,

Looks like you have been a very busy woman! I was contemplating adjunct this fall- got any leads for me!?!?!
Good Luck at the show.