Friday evening...come quickly!

I have been teaching a clay camp all week at the kids school. Boy..I had not done anything like this in a long time and I have to say, I had to keep up a frantic pace to stay on top of things. One good thing that came out of it was that I got all my children out of the house until about 1 everyday so the workers could finish our floor. I'm happy to say that today I came home and the floor was done, the refrig. was back in the kitchen and could use the stove and the sink. Wow...what a great feeling that was! So stage one is done in there and we'll move onto to stage two in a few weeks with cabinets and painting.
In the studio, which has not been as much as I would like it to have been, vases are slowly getting made. Next weekend is Blowing Rock and I really need one good stacked kiln load of pots to help fill in the gaps.
Mental note to self...don't sign up for anything two weeks before a show and one week after an opening. Why I do these things to myself sometimes, I will never know.
Joey out of town and will be home this Friday. Normally I like to keep the kids eating, sleeping and doing the normal stuff we do while he is home but this week I've just thrown in the towel to fast food, sleeping all over the house and staying up late. I've learned you just can't do everything all the time.
I can't wait for the weekend!


Scott Smith said...

It's almost here... just a few more hours. Hang in there.

vicki hartman said...

That's a LOT!
You should be proud of your ability to juggle all that!