Getting things done for Weekend.

I'm so careful with handling my new camera these days. I'm not getting as many photo's as I would like because I don't want to touch it when my hands have clay all over them or even leave it out in my studio. I also have some issues already with the cable hook-up to the computer. I think I may need to send the camera back to the company for a repair already....very frustrating but I so have a memory card so I've been using that. So many technical pit-falls we deal with when it comes to technology!

I finally bought a pyrometer this week.( Thanks OTTO!) Can you believe I've been doing this professionally for I guess almost 10 years now and I just bought one of these things?
I'm trying to incorporate more colored porcelain into my work. This is a square flower block in progress. The next stage was putting the holes in the top. We'll see how it comes out the kiln.These are bisque bowls and one small platter.Last are some yunomi's that I've been wanting to try. The next stage for these was to put the sprigs and flower imagery on the various sections.


Otto Wenger said...

OOPS! Pyrometer

Alex Solla said...

As good as an analogue pyrometer is at helping you figure out rate of climb, peak temp etc,... a digital one is MUCH better. The Axner models and the Flukes are fantastic! Before we got our Bartlett controllers on our L&L kilns, we used digital pyrometers for years. Wonderful tool!

Looking forward to hearing your experiences with yours.

Jen Mecca said...

Your Right Otto.....Pyrometer..I noticed that after I hit "post". Time for some editing..thanks.

I'm sure all those are great. I am so intuitive about everything I do, I wing alot of things. I just wanted something to kind of tell me where the kiln was at instead of looking at what color the heat was. ( OLD SCHOOL!) My next kiln I think is going to be all computer!

amy said...

Those yunomis look great Jen. I hope you have a great sale this weekend!

Amy said...

beautiful forms! I especially like the yunomis. Have fun at the sale!

Anonymous said...

lovely yunomis

Anonymous said...

I love your forms. I miss seeing you at the clay studio. It's hot there. If you have my email, send a test to me. We have a new computer.