Element issue

So the "element" guy left me a message on my machine saying he's never heard of this before in his 20 years of making elements. In other words, I've got to buy another element and figure it out on my end. So, I call my electrician back today and he thinks that maybe something has been "fried" somewhere. Boy..nothing like hearing the word "fried and kiln" all in the same sentence. He's going to come look around on Monday so in the mean time, I'm on my own to keep thinking about the whole thing. I may open up the box and see if anything is melted. ( And yes, I am sitting here making the noise Lurch does in every episode of the Adams Family)

Here it is Thursday and I still have not got out and touched a ounce of clay. Busy with mom stuff and house stuff and Art History stuff. Friday I have no plans to be anywhere but here. Tomorrow will be my day!

While I'm trying to come with some new work to post, my pal Brad Tucker has an opening in Durham next weekend so I thought I'd post the link up here for any interested in viewing some of his work in the show!http://www.cravenallengallery.com/


Alex Solla said...

So you have a good electrician?? Right? And you have an element that keeps blowing breakers/fuses?

You have one of two things potentially wrong. Either someone wired your kiln for 208 (if the previous owner was a school or in an industrial area, this is possible)... it will also say on the side of the kiln, on the nameplate.

OR someone didnt use heavy gauge wiring from your kiln to the breaker box. Happens. So, first thing to look for is the 208 vs 220 issue. If you have a kiln wired for 208, your elements will be drawing a fair amount more power than needed if it was wired for 220. It will also "fry" the switches and plugs between each section. So, check that nameplate first. Then, with everything unplugged, remove the element you just bought, check its resistance (in Ohms)...or have the electrician do it. Chances are, the element is fine. But if it is drawing wattage based on a 208 wiring, it will be too much. In which case, you definitely need to order an element wound for 220.

Hope this helps. Please keep us all posted.

Linda Starr said...

What a bummer, hope you get it sorted out. Love Lurch; I'm going to be humming the jingle all day
"The Adams Family, (toot, toot)"