Sunday tunes with Ryan

I'm getting ready to go out make some clay and throw some pots. I got back out there Friday night, got cleaned up and finished a few things that where under plastic. I also threw some stuff away that I just didn't feel like needed to be saved.

My kiln is still in limbo until the beginning of the week. Lets hope I can get it fixed this week! ( Fingers are crossed).
We've had a good weekend visiting with York friends and having a day trip up to Asheville to see family. I'm looking forward to making pots this week and no running around to camps or all the other places I've seem to be going lately. ( Well, I'm sure I'll run somewhere.....) Hope everyone out in cyber land is has had some good days also!

I've been enjoying some live music on the web while grading tests today. Most people know I love Ryan Adams. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

sofia's mom love ryan adams too

Jen Mecca said...

I want to see him in concert but he doesn't come this way anymore because he grew up in Eastern NC and I don't think he likes coming back this way. I did see that he played in Columbia Sc but we missed that. Maybe some day....