New Location

We celebrated a little bit this fine Friday evening. Lark and Key, a gallery that represents my work along with several of my other pottery pals, moved to a new location in Charlotte. Joey also turns another "shade" of 40 tomorrow...so we needed a night on the town which is always an event with three little children in toe. We did manage to survive the car ride to Charlotte, the opening and some good Mexican food. I had pumpkin/spice beer which was really needed after the week I had. Everyone conked out in the car on the way home and here I am catching up on emails while Joey enjoys some couch time and a movie. I'm really looking forward to a nice sunny weekend and a lot of studio time.Wish me luck! Today we pretty productive so I think I'm on a roll. I think I may even tackle a birthday cake for Daddy with the girls!

Enjoy some photo's of our night below. I"m not sure my phone takes the best photo's but Joey and Quaid had fun playing with it this evening!
Quaid looking at Charlotte Foust's work. I love her stuff!A view into the new gallery.

Here is Amy Sanders and myself....and kids in toe. That is Amy little boy Guthrie and my two below. Looks like Amy and I are in a pretty heavy conversation about babies, motherhood and pots I'm sure.


amy said...

Jen- it was great to see you guys tonight. Your kids are so much fun- and well behaved to boot! Hope the birthday celebration was good.

I wanted to say on your prior post about email that there was a whole conversation on "talk of the nation" on NPR yesterday about how difficult it is to convey tone on email. Very interesting.

Jen Mecca said...

Thanks Amy. You know I also heard something about online classes a few weeks ago that was really good. I'm always torn between the face to face studio teaching and how it works for me teaching the online classes at home. It also helps all those Mom's who are trying to get an education but are also running kids around.
Lots of food for thought!
Guess I'll see you in December for maybe more pancakes! Jen

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Left the devil's horns at home, did ya?

Jen Mecca said...

Only a choosen few get to see me in me in my devil horns. I'm not sure this crowd would have appreciated them. ( Well Amy and Guthrie would have liked them..)