Baby bottles

I have a special order for a bunch of these little bottles. A bride up in Davidson is giving them as favor gifts. NICE GIFT! So, today they got glazed and are in the kiln.
I'm also working on some cream and sugar sets and a huge bowl like nothing I really do but was willing to try to a friend of mine. Hope it survives the kiln! My luck with big, porcelain vessels is not good. I can throw anything but getting it past that glaze kiln or even the bisque is another story. Some days I really long for just stoneware so I could make a whole host of huge things but....I love porcelain so I just keep trying to make large thing survive and don't really have the time or commitment to either add something to my clay body or really investigate a new one so I can do this. I did as you recall try some different clay bodies this fall and although I liked many of them, it just wasn't convenient for me to have them shipped here. I'm going to re-visit this after Christmas. The last batch of clay I got from my distributor was pretty good and my trusty clay friends pointed out to me that maybe the last batch had not aged enough and that is why I had such a hard time with it. ( Didn't think of that.....)
Aydan was determined the other day to make something for my show. Here is her version of a manger scene made out of shells she found somewhere in the house. Our girls love to start cutting and pasting when we either have company coming over or tons of stuff to do. Aydan will say to me many nights 10 minutes before bed time " can I make something before bed"? If you have kids you know any kind of craft project can turn an entire room upside down. Or maybe that is just in our house hold. Joey is constantly commenting on picking up little scraps of cut paper around the house. I kind of just find it amusing because I love that my kids can make art out of about anything they find.
Did I mention how much paper we go through a week??? Good thing I scored at the local newspaper before my show and got a bunch of huge rolls of newsprint!


Tracey Broome said...

We still go though lots of paper and Wes is sixteen, hate to tell you that:)
I don't know if this means anything but you might want to talk to Susan Filley about large porcelain survival. She throws huge pieces, I think she uses Coleman porcelain and puts some half and half in it? I could have this wrong, but I know she puts a little stoneware in for strength. I took a throwing large pots class with her, and she through a 25 lb. bowl that survived nicely. Love that manger scene!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

porcelain is pretty, but kind of bitchy to work with eh?

Scott Smith said...

Jen, it's not just in your household... our kids do the same thing. We have glitter everywhere from their last little project. Tell Joey I know exactly how he feels.

Jen Mecca said...

Porcelain can be bitchy..you are right on that one!

OH glitter...I think if we had open market on glitter he would lose it!

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

The little bottles are great! What a wonderful gift.

Anonymous said...

wow... that is a nice gift. love the shape of the bottles