Back Home-Hen House

Today I'm making a few more mugs for the home sale I'm doing with a few of my crafty girl friends. This is the 2nd annual Hen House sale and even though it is not as big as last years, it will still have some great stuff. Next year we are moving it back to a barn setting but for now, it will be here at my home and I'm kind of looking forward to that!
Lots to tell about my adventures this year at the Carolina Designer Craftsmen show. Those of you who are on Facebook got to read how I did the show basically in a fog due some "wee" little germs that got ahold of me. Lots of things I learned about trying to get myself prepared mentally and physically this year to undertake something like this. This drawing below basically says how I felt on Wed. evening and Thanksgiving day. Much to reflect on! It was good sale and I think Joey did get a few shots of the show on our Iphone so I'll talk more about the whole event soon. For the moment, I'm off to make mugs ( joy or bliss!) and this evening back to Winthrop to say farewell to my first clay class of the year!

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