Friday at Winthrop

I'll be spending part of my day Friday here at the Winthrop pottery sale. I dropped off my pots this morning and was really surprised at how clean the studio was for this sale! My students and I worked on a bit of the cleaning Tuesday night but I'll have to say the clay majors really worked that elbow grease and got the place looking like new! I'm pretty excited to see what sort of work some of the upper level folks have been working on. I see things come and go pretty quickly around the studio on the nights I'm there but haven't really had a chance to see who does what kind of work.
If your in the area, please stop on by and see what all the students have been up. I saw a few really good deals this morning and of course, some Jen Mecca pots where scattered around as well!
In the studio today I'm finishing up an order for some small bottles and getting some mugs and tiles finished for my home sale. Tomorrow I'll be loading a bisque and hopefully getting a Christmas tree with the family in the evening. I haven't had a fall home sale in two years so I"m pretty excited to set everything up and see how it goes.
Keep checking back for more information about the sale.

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Linda Starr said...

Oh, I wish I was in the area, I'd definitely stop by, what fun, have a great sale.