Quaid finally had his birthday party last night. He was born the day before Thanksgiving 9 years ago but I had so much going on he was very patient in waiting until this second weekend in December to have a slumber party with all his pals. ( That's Quaid in the red.) They where going to attempt to sleep out in a tent last night but for the first time in a long time we are having a bit of a cold spell! YAH! I can't tell you how many warm December's we have had since I moved down south. This is always so hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit when everyone is walking around in short sleeve shirts. So why everyone is sort of down in the dumps around here because its cold and rainy, I am secretly enjoying it! I love a good hat and many layers of jammies at night!

So Quaid had a blast and Joey and I survived the night and our girls had some alone time with my parents. Today I'm working on taxes...yes...late taxes. Shame on me! I usually don't do this but September and Octobers tax information got away from me and now I've got to pay the piper.

This evening I plan on layering-up and going out to my glaze shed and finishing up my special orders. I was even thinking that I may pug up the ton of clay I'm storing in my studio so its all fresh for me to get going after Christmas.

I'm also planning on gathering some of my thoughts about selling my work and posting my opinion on this subject so....stay tuned for that discussion.

Hope everyone is "getting a little Christmas" out there in cyber-world! I'm slowly hammering away at my Santa list!


Trish said...

looks like the kids are having fun..a laugh around the camp fire with friends is to be remembered.:)

too cold and too much snow around our camp fire spot at the moment.

enjoy your cool 'layering up' weather to help with the Christmas preparations...:)
Trish from Alberta

Kim Hines said...

hi Jen, i would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on selling your work, please do take the time to discuss it!
and i know what you mean about wearing short sleeve shirts in Dec. we lived in VA for longer than i wanted to and it was always very warm for tgiving & xmas. we're now in MT and it's COLD!(-20F the other day!) we were xmas shopping for the kids yesterday and it was a little warmer (12F)but snowing, fantastic! although it's not fun in my currently unused, unheated studio... :)