I gave everyone a mug Christmas eve so they could have some hot chocolate before they went to bed in hope of grand things from St. Nick. Gary Rith made these mugs for the kids. I think I posted earlier this year about these and here is proof that the kids really enjoyed them. Joey got a beaver mug from Ron because he was having issues with some pesky beavers at a work site he's be dealing with over the course of two years. ( Nothing better than a little "razing" from your wife!) We are busy cleaning out rooms and closets this week. I'm always eager to do this when I feel so busy with work, kids and school but when it comes time to do it....I'm not as eager.

Yesterday I managed to break-down a lot of shipping boxes, sweep my studio and get clay ready to pug this week.

I have big plans to make some soup and bread this evening. I feel the need to freeze all sorts of food this January and hunker-down for a cold winter. I know some of you are laughing at this but we do live in a house that is over 100 years old and the breeze and chill seems to blow through the cracks from one end to another and none of the fireplaces work. Such a bummer!

I'm eagerly awaiting a reply from Skutt about parts for my kiln. I'll be checking in with everyone in a few days.

By the way, last night I got a chance to catch up on some blogs and added a few more names to my list. Once again, please forgive me if you don't see your blog listed on my sight. Its not that I don't care, it just takes me a while to update and go "oh yeah...I know this person from my blog" once I sit down and start reading. Many, many apologies for that!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

omigosh!!!! My mugs are loved :)
Thanks Jen!

Anonymous said...

gary's mugs are loved... and wee little bowls too. sofia has two and uses them constantly

Jen Mecca said...

My husband wants a skull mug like Quaid....
yes, they have been used every night so far!

Scott Smith said...

Love those mugs. I want to see a picture of the skull mug - sounds cool! We too gave our kids mugs on Christmas Eve for the pre-Santa hot chocolate, but shame on us, they were not handmade. I guess we don't quite trust those little clumsy hands with fine handmade wares yet. They do have and use a few of the clunky, misshapen mugs that I made when I was taking pottery classes, so they are not totally deprived. Maybe next year we'll have to get them some nice handmade mugs of their own.