Winthrop Sale!

I enjoyed seeing how the sale came together yesterday at Winthrop. The Students did a bang up job of getting that studio totally turned around and filled with pots. I arrived about an house after the sale had begun and was amazed at the lines of people there! The sale went really well and I even purchased a nice little bowl from a student how had helped my kids make clay early on in the semester. Its so great to be on the other end of this whole journey we all go through when starting out in clay. I could remember how exciting it was for people to buy my pots when I was a student. ( Of course its still pretty exciting!!) By the time I got back to pick up my pieces at the end of the sale of course lots of good pots and student work had been bought up. Here is a little example of some salt work a 3rd year student had been working on. She was really into making houses this semester and of course I am too so I was pretty interested in her progress.Here a little example of Jims work. Onto Hen House clean-up today!


Ron said...

Glad it went well! I'm all set for today. Good luck w. the Hen House sale too! I wish I would have gotten some cards from you to pass out. It sure was nice not to have to drive to Charlotte 3 times this week!

Jen Mecca said...

No instead I drove to Rock Hill 3 times...no matter where...I'm always driving. Quaid said we need a Chitty-Chitty Bang, Bang car.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

omigosh, who is Jim?