Colored clay

I mixed up some new ( and I guess old) colors of my colored clays today. I'm still deciding which hues work best with my glazes or glaze colors I should say since I'm looking for a new glaze body. I decided that I really like the orange, chartreuse and a deep blue/green. The verdict is still out on which pink I think works best and I thought about adding an old gold, which I'm trying in this next batch. If your curious about what % of mason stain I put into my clay body..well, I'm still figuring that out but I am keeping notes. Someone suggested I try a paper clay with my sprigs but I actually found it to be much more brittle than before. Perhaps I didn't have the correct amounts working together. If anyone out there has ever mixed up paper clay..I'd love some input!

On a domestic note, I'm dieing to work more in my gardens around the house. I've been taking about 1/2 hour each day just to weed a bit or plant a few more things. This has been a great spring for plants and I don't want to miss out on doing all I can to make the yard look great. If not for anyone, just myself else...

I remember planting these two "no name" plants last year but for the life of me, I can't figure out what they are. If any of you who garden can give me a hint, I'd greatly appreciate it.

I've had such a few great days just working and a bit less hectic existence. School is almost over for the children and boy are they ready, as well as Mom. They are squeezing out ever last once of energy to get down with stuff..especially Quaid. Education is so much differant than when I was little. Some good some not so good. I'm sure every can chime in on this subject.

On my facebook fan page this week I hit 500 fans, which was a goal I had for this spring. I have an opening Friday night, which I will not be attending but will send all my good vibes up that way while my pottery pals represent our new journey together. The kiln is going today so hopefully my glazes will be kind to me and I'll have some good images for you all to see!

Things are good!

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