Interview and "Press"

I've had a good week with other folks promoting my work. What a treat to not have to do all the leg work myself!Connie Norman, who's pot I'm sure you have seen on the cover of Ceramics Monthly, asked me a few weeks ago, if I'd like to do an interview . It fell around the time of my "bagel accident" but I finally did get some answers typed out last week. ( From all I wrote, I think it was clear my finger was feeling much better!) So, here it is! http://connienorman.com/blog/

I like Connie's pots alot and before I even put the "Pot with the Person", I saw the cutest photo of her and her little son Vander on my facebook fan page and happened to comment about it one day. She looks like a happy Mom! Her website is also pretty great if haven't checked it out yet. I love that her blog is called "Talking to Myself". ( I do that alot.....)

So, thanks again Connie for asking me some great questions that I haven't considered in a long time.

I also got a nice email from Amy Cook. She is a graphic designer who happened to write a entry on her blog about Potters who blog. If you are a blogger, you may like to look your name up. I think I saw a lot of familiar names listed.

Its been a good pottery week. I've got a kiln going today and this evening ( get this) I'm spending the night at my kids school with 47 first graders. Two of which are mine. The first graders had to read over 1,000 hours this year and if they did, their teachers promised them a pizza/sleep over party at the end of the year. Guess who was one of the room Mom's for this end of the year party!?!?! Should be an interesting night.

.....for the record I couldn't talk Joey into taking my place.


Connie said...

Wow, nice surprise on your blog, Thanks! I'm honored to have you on my blog. Your work is beauiful.

deanandmartinpottery said...

Hey Jen,
Thanks for commenting on our blog. We are not very blog savvy. Hope to get better in the future. Just loved the interview with connie norman. Your work is fantastic. Keep up the excellent work because the world needs the happiness that your pottery conveys. It will be our honor to add you to our blog list. I feel privileged to have seen your progression as a ceramic artist. Best of luck to you in all that you do.

Jennifer Mecca said...

You all's work looks really good too. I love staying in touch with everyone from ECU. That ceramic studio was sort of like a little family with Chuck as the Dad..hard to explain to anyone who was not there. Fun times..
Keep up with blog, its a great source for info, advertising and friendship!