Look at this crew. What a bunch...
I wasn't able to be at our opening last Friday but here are Ron, Julie and Amy in front of some of our work. They reported back that the opening was really great with wonderful food, live music and a good group of people. Hate that I missed it but I was home with three silly little girls having a sleep over. At any rate, once again, I love these guys....pottery friendships run deep and we've had some heartfelt times together and I look forward to alot more "silliness" and good talks about my favorite subject, POTS.
I"m really trying to hard to get a bunch of stuff made for my upcoming sale in Raleigh. My classes started back up again at York Tech and Joey's been super busy at work so I'm trying to hold it all together. I'll need a BIG glass of wine I think around the 7th of June!
Below are a few finished items and some in "process". Today I'm loading a kiln and heading out for a dance rehearsal. Aydan and Mckenna both have recitals coming up and last night was a choral concert. Can we all sing a round of "On the Road Again"?

......or perhaps one of Willy's tunes that talks about whiskey and wild, wild women because I think that may be more fitting in the days to come.

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Linda Starr said...

Seems like this time of year is always crazy, take er easy.