Interesting cups

I spent yesterday playing around with some photo's because I needed some better images than the last batch I took. I got some better lights and I think these are a bit better. I always enjoy receiving postcards from other potters with interesting shots of their work. Of course all the images in the various magazines catch my attention.
Of course the majority of images I took yesterday where pretty straight forward for entering shows and putting stuff up on my etsy site but the light bulb in my head turned on and I think that I needed some new interested images for postcards and my website.

There are unless things you can do with cups if they all stack well. I have a little "stage" under my back drop to raise up my images so I can only fit so many cups in a row on that. I keep telling myself that I really need to save up more pots and go visit the professional photographer so some higher quality photo's and cool close-ups.

Its good to spend a day just experimenting. I tend to do these things when really I have a ton of other pressing thing to do...like make pots for the next Blowing Rock show. Such is the mind of someone who tends to be all over the place some days and constantly has to remind myself to focus and priorities.
My art history students are ending the semester and school will be starting soon so even though having a vacation was nice, I sort of feel a tad bit behind myself. Next week I'm planning on getting some of my teenage helper to come over and play with my crew so hopefully I can knock a bunch of stuff out.
Today is my Dad's birthday so we are all pitching in to cook him a spectacular meal. Images to follow soon!


FetishGhost said...

The pictures are wonderful! Great clarity and a fantastic depth of field.
Your work is getting more and more playful too. Nice lyrical surfaces Jen.

Jen Mecca said...

Thanks! I do feel better about the color of these images. It was fun playing around the other day.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

the CUTEST cups!

ladyofclay said...

those are really good pictures - quality and composition. if you still have it up - could you take a picture of your set up ? I need to put a little effort into taking better pics and don't know where to begin ! what photo light do you use ?

Unknown said...

Your work is beautiful and the photos are Awesome!

Who knew that when we made pots we'd need to learn how to photgraph?? and write, and build, and, and!!! It's a never ending journey, that's for sure :)


Quietly Otaku said...

Your mugs look brilliant, fancy sharing some photography tips with us?

Unknown said...

Great photographs... even better cups. I wish you would put a couple up on Etsy. I'd love to add one to my collection.

Allison Kruskamp said...

I just searched "cool pottery site" and yours was the first one I opened. Your work is so fun and inspiring! I especially like your slip decoration and sketch-like designs.