Setting up a show in Asheboro

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Julie Wiggins and I set out yesterday morning for a little trip to Asheboro NC. We spent the day setting up a group show called "From Within to the Surface". This show will take place at the Sara Smith Self Gallery and its being sponsored by the Randolph Arts Guild. Theses are the same folks who put on the NC Potters Conference.
Pretty big space to display pots and the folks where super nice to work with. The reception will be Tuesday evening the 7th of September. On September 28th from 12-1, Amy Sanders and Ron Philbeck will be giving a talk during a "Lunch and Learn" session. If your in the area, please stop by and view the show.
I took some REALLY quick shots yesterday with my Iphone so I apologize for some blurry images.
Ron's pieces up above and Julie's down below.
Down this row you can see Amy Sanders work and Adrienne Dellinger.

So, on to some sad truths..............
I spent part of my weekend fooling with this on off button you see below. I swear, does anyone else have more equipment issues than myself?
The button over time has been sticking and low and behold a few weeks ago the darn thing fired right through a bisque.

Yes, I am the proud owner of what seems like a 100 white pots!
I didn't feel like blogging about it a few weeks ago because I was just so darn aggravated! I know we all get that way at times. Best thing to do is just walk away and breath until you can deal with it.
As for the button, its seems to be bent and I can't get it right in the center of the hole so when I push it in, it doesn't lean to one side.
Solution?? Well, I guess I'll just check it every time I fire and keep my pyrometer in at all times to check the temperature.
If anyone has ever had this happen, let me know what you did to fix the issue and yes, I've taken the whole thing apart and re-assembled it.


FetishGhost said...

Are kiln problems contagious? There seems to be a whole bunch of them making the rounds lately.

Blaine M. Avery said...

clean the electrical contacts on the kiln button, but you probably should replace it as they wear out over time, not to hard to replace yourself

Jen Mecca said...

Blaine...talk in english to me..the contacts?? Where are they? Everything looked brand new when I opened it up and looked at it, I just couldn't get it to straighten out and I wondered if when I replaced the new kiln setter I bent something.

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

wish I had some answers for you. sounds very frustrating. on lighter side, the show looks grand.

Ron said...

Looks good Jen, thanks to you and Julie for doing the set up. Looks like we could have sent more pots, that's a huge space.

Jen Mecca said...

Yeah we could have but this was all the pedistals they had and we filled them up so maybe more stuff for the walls next time.