We all get together.

Its late on Wednesday evening and I've just come in from making some bottles and trimming some big bowls. I'm playing "single Mom" again this evening so I've learned from my own experience in this department over the summer that I need to make the day a full time event and not stress about the little things I usually do like giving the kids a good meal and making sure everyone is bathed..ect.
This morning started off with golf for Quaid ( in which I needed to be there for), having a playmate over for Quaid, laundry, grading all the finals for the courses I teach, ordering pizza for the gang, a trip to the pool to wear everyone out, dinner, book time with the kids, getting them to bed and finally...out to the studio.

While all this was going on today I was reflecting on an event yesterday with my clay pals - Ron, Amy and Julie. We had one of our monthly meetings and this time it was Amy's house. It use to be that when we met it was always for dinner and we would plan a late weekend afternoon or evening and it was always hard for me to find the time or a date I could squeeze it in because of the children. These days we are all so informal since Amy is in the same boat as myself trying to play full time Mother and pottery deva at the same time. Julie and Ron are good about accommodating our "kids" needs when we need to meet.

Below is a photo of the girls playing with Guthrie while Quaid reads on the couch. The kids where so good while we talked on and on about pottery related stuff. Our last meeting was here at my house and the same was true. I was thinking how nice it is to be casual and comfortable around friends and have my children surrounded by such creative adults.

( Ron and Julie looking at the calendar of events we have planned together.)
It takes alot of effort by us all to keep planning and coordinating shows and events together. Like everything else with promoting yourself, its all the leg work and paper trail you have to keep up with and also contribute to if you want to succeed and get ahead. Poor Ron has had to listen to a lot of "girl talk" since Guthrie and Sammy have arrived on the scene for Amy. But... mainly our topic of conversation is clay.

While we were hashing out some date Sammy crawled under the table to chew on my flip-flops a bit!

More to come from the four of us so stay tuned!

I'm going to call it a night and get ready for yet another day. The count down is on for the start of school!


jim said...

funny, this is always going on at my house too... i'm surprised you get any ceramic work done at all jen.

Jen Mecca said...

...me too! ( but don't tell anyone I said that Jim.)