Wondering if I'm still considered a blogger??

Some days when I'm on here all morning answering emails from students or grading...its sort of hard to sit down and really collect my thoughts to blog. I don't think I was teaching online classes when I started this blog and its seems to have really cut into my blogging thoughts and time I've noticed. Its been two days since I checked my messages from my last post! Of course all the excitement of the summer time and wanting to spend time with the kids has also made it sort of a lack-luster few months for blogging.

School starts next week for our children and I'm ready for the change and routine to start. Some folks hate routine and some of us, who have an mind that is easily distracted.....love routines.
I just took a few shots of some pots that are getting ready to go into the kiln for Blowing Rock this week. I hardly had a chance to even make a full batch for the kiln but I think I've squeaked out a pretty good amount to replenish what was sold at the last show. Once school starts and I can devote more time on my porch and more pots will be made. I have less drive time to the new school and we even have access to a bus this year! Yippee!


Julia said...

I'm just like you in that I like routine. It seems that I'm able to be more creative if I give myself some structure.

Lovely pots!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I am such a big fan. Always glad to see what you are making and saying :)

FetishGhost said...

You are a blogger if you find just a spot of time to blog... Gosh, I hope you keep finding the time to keep sharing though, I've gotten so used to checking in that I'd really miss seeing what you are doing. I do have to admit too, it's getting harder to find the time lately to keep-up with what I want to write lately.
(I hope that made sense, I've had to jump between the stove and the bath tub half a dozen times just while writing this!)

Unknown said...

Yes, yes, Yes! You are still a blogger~ There are no "rules" (are there?!) and if there are, go ahead and break them ;)

The sugar bowl is adorable- such detail in the flower center- beautiful!


Kari Weaver said...

My kids started school this week, and I'm grateful for the return to a schedule. Our summers are pretty freeform, and I was working a lot, so I think the kids are thankful to be in school, too.

What's great about blogging is that so many of our readers are potters who are in the same boat. Blog when you can. We'll be here.

Mr. Young said...

I agree with the sentiments above... I'm lucky if I get 2 posts a month - especially since I let the internet go at home. I post from the coffee shop now. I try and make time to catch up on the blogs I read every day, and sometimes am able to make comments (duh!) Believe me - it's just as hard to handle the kids at home as it is the three classes full of high school kids I have every weekday. Raised two kids, and now three grandkids, so I know.
I always enjoy seeing what new things you are making, or the latest show you have been to, so keep posting when you can!