What's In a Name

We are down to the final week with choosing a name for our up coming group sale. For those people who are just visiting my blog for the first time here's a little background information about the four of us and why we enjoying having shows together and why it is so important to us all to have a support system.

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you know that Amy, Ron, Julie and I enjoy what we do, enjoy the support and encouragement we give each other in are ceramic pursuits and are serious about being part of a clay community.

We would be so happy if you'd give us your vote on which of the following names you like and feel best represent us.

Clay Dept
Thrown Together
Kudzu and Kaolin
Kaolin and Klay
Kaolin Krew
Clay Crew
Dirt Merchants
Ring of Fire
Cups and Dishes

Back round about the four of us:
I think we are all going on about 10 years of being clay friends. Julie and I have alittle longer history together since we both attended East Carolina University. I was in grad school at the time and Julie was just getting started in clay as a sophomore.

All of us taught clay classes together at Clayworks in Charlotte North Carolina and though-out this time we enjoyed just talking about current trends, potters and our work together.

We all tend to be a bit silly at times and enjoys each others company as well as keeping track of what's going on in each other personal life. I've enjoyed having another mom to understand my time frame issues and Julie and Ron have always been great about having kids around in some form or another while we have meetings.

All of our work has changed in some way or the last 5 years. We all enjoy drawing or embellishing our surfaces in some form or another. We also all enjoy making functions vessels and forms the people can use and enjoy in their homes.

Please click on our various names above to view our personal profiles and images of our work.
Thanks for your helping in our quest to find the right name for our group. We are looking forward to our first Fall Sale together with quest potters Allison McGowen and Kyle Carpenter.
The sale will be in Charlotte on October 2nd.


andrea gardiner freeman said...

My first vote is Ring of Fire.
My second vote is Thrown together.

Awesome names.

Michi said...

Personally I like Clay Crew. Although the other names are good, some of them seem like you have to be a bit too "in the know" to "get" them. Ring of Fire is just too Johnny Cash. Dirt Merchants is kinda fun, but the reference to dirt... is well, not great again for your average Jane off the street. Clay Merchants?

My 2 cents. :)

Joey said...

I agree with Andrea. Do I even get a vote?

Scott Smith said...

I like Thrown Together best.
Ring of Fire is second.
And if you're considering the Johnny Cash name, you should give some consideration to the Jerry Lee Lewis name too. :-)

Thrown Together offers a reference to what it is you actually do without jargon that only a potter would understand. It also says to me that you have different styles but that you've been thrown together and make a great team.

Brad T. said...

Gee, what about "the firing squad"

Jen Mecca said...

( Joey you may not vote..that was your name!)

Thanks everyone else! BT...you have to vote on a name from the list!

Mr. Young said...

Thrown together fits for me....

jim said...

thrown together was the name of a local clay operation and it went out of business... of course, i'm not superstitious so not sure why i'm telling you that. i do really like kudzu and kaolin

Linda Starr said...

I wonder who you'll market to and what your marketing stragegy will be, with that in mind I like "Cups, Dishes, & More" and I like "Clay Crew Potteries", I added the words at the end for the benefit of customers/lay persons.

gaillaughlin said...

Really like 'Thrown Together'

Tracey Broome said...

Whatever you come up with, I think it should reflect your work and your personalities. All of you make work that is sort of whimsical but in a very classy way and you are all funny with a good sense of humor. I think the name should reflect that. Not sure these really do that....