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I have no idea why I have not gotten on here to post anything this week. Maybe nothing struck me as being to exciting going on. I'm just finishing up things for NCECA. I'm so nervous about how its all going to turn out. Last night I was still trying to make somethings and I thought"are you crazy"???So I stopped and kept to task of the pots I have done. Now for the decorating.We'll see if I can hold back. Wouldn't it be great if you could rent a little fairy or Elf to sit with you when you really need someone to stop you from doing something that you can't seem to control yourself? Boy, if you could rent something like that I would have an enormous bill at the "Rent your own Elf" shop. I would have to use him for not eating certain things, getting myself to the gym more often, driving faster than I should and of course not over decorating my pots. You could walk in the pick and choose from all different elf categories. There they would be just sitting on one big shelving unit. I would have to find one with a design background and than another one who was a personal trainer and dietitian. Ok...........I'll get out of Jen Dream world.

Oh, there was something exciting that happened this week. The gas guy came out to give me an estimate on my gas line. He had a lot of questions about the BTU's which threw me off. I need to really read my kiln book because I forget all that and I'm sure the more kilns you build the more you can retain that information. Anyways, its going to be around $600. I think I will also get a pro-pane estimate as well just to see the difference in the two. I've only fired with propane once at Penland( years ago) and I'm a little more worried about that since you can't smell it if you have a leak. The idea of putting something that can blow-up in my back yard does scare the crap out of me but thank goodness for safety devices for burners!


Anonymous said...

Propane is odorless and colorless, you can easily tell if you have a leak because the propane folks add a smelly, sulfurus chemical to the gas that will definitly get your attention.

Anonymous said...

I've got a 'Dick Spiller' elf I'm not using anymore. It's an older model. About eleven years old. I tried putting it on ebay with free shipping. I had no bidders. 147 people looked at the listing, but I think they only clicked on it because they thought it was a picture of a naked woman. He comes with red hot pants and a bottle of Stoli. You are welcome to it. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Jen-I had an epifany about my work... shall I share it with you?

Jen Mecca said...

First of all I have no idea why anyone would want to buy a Dick Spiller elf. There would be nothing that it would be good for besides leaving people in bathrooms in Foreign countries and letting the bus driver leave without telling him!

Oh...he'd be good at showing people how to wear high water pants.

( I've had so many comebacks for the Dick Spiller comment...where to begin. I laughed so hard this afternoon when I read this).
Ok, so now I've got to figure out who left this. Lets see.....Cathy,Gail, Chuck or Amy. Anyone fessing up?

Jen Mecca said...

Sure...share, get it off your chest.

Anonymous said...

None of the above Momma Jen :) Guess again!

amy e said...

Jen- i wish I had a Dick Spiller elf, but alas I do not. Unless Chuck has been holding out BIG TIME on me, I have to say he does not either.