A state of calm today

Yesturday was a crazy day as I knew it would be. The day before was'nt any picnic either now that I think about it! I'm happy to report at 12:30 last night the kiln got loaded and begun its decant into "glory" we can only hope. I had started glazeing the night before and I took a very long time with each piece so hopefully my runny glazes will not stick on any pots. I did soak the kiln this morning because lately I've been getting these small bubbles at points on my sprigs that I'm sure are popping at the end of fireing and don't have time to smooth out before the kiln shuts off and starts cooling down. We'll see if this works or not. I have'nt soaked my kilns in long time ..mostly because it always turns off when I'm asleep and I've gotten sooooooooooo lazy with this electric kiln. That will all have to change when I go back to the Soda kiln! I think I should of made a kiln god just in case- alot is riding on this kiln load!ahhhhhhhhhh

So many things I've wanted to blog about besides pots lately but when I think about something it escapes my brain when I finally get on here to post something.

Today I'm in a state of calm. Yesturday before starting to glaze at 8pm I basically spent the whole day in the car running from teaching, to pick up my girls than to pick up Quaid than back in the car with 4 kids for an hours drive to a birthday party and back home again at 7. Somedays I relise how lucky I am to not get in a car wreck dealing with all the caos that goes on while I"m trying to get kids from point A to point B. Bus drivers should make the amount doctors do!

I've got to go pull all my kids old cloths and stuff for "The twin sale" I spoke of in the last blog. It is the best thing closest to a sale at Target on something. I'm able to cloths my children, get some books and a few toys for a very low price...its a consignment sale with very nice stuff. So I make money and spend a little as well. Its kind of a crazy thing because you have to get a lottery number before you can shop and of course the women go running in and just start grabbing at what things they want. I admit, I too have a system down so I can get what I came for and not hurt anyone in the process.

I will unload the kiln in the morning so I'll get some photo's> Have a great and relaxing day!

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