Here are some teapots, I think I scaled down a bit on the decortion than I had with the other things. I'm curious to see how the light carving comes through the glaze..if at all. I'm running out the door to take the girls to the dentist so I'll write more later. Busy week, I've got these pots fire and send out, make-up classes, birthday parties to 'Taxi' too and the twin sale( NO...I'm not selling the twins! I'll elaborate later) Anyways, busy week, I hope I'll be able to post some thoughts!


Scott Smith said...

Wow, I guess I haven't read your blog in a while. I had a lot of catching up to do - I've been busy with taking a class (great teacher by the way).

I had the same thoughts about the Dixie Chicks for the same reasons. I did buy their album (it's good music too).

I don't think you over embellish your work. It may look a bit busy to you when it's all sitting on one table together, but the people who are buying your work don't have a whole collection of it one table. They like the mix of colors and decorations.

Your work is supposed to stand for something??? I'm just happy if I can make a pot stand up!!

I'm afraid your kids are going to get some sugar this afternoon at the bday party. SORRY.

Jen Mecca said...

That is great Album. They are my new hero's!

Thanks for the kind words, it always good to have "groupies".