Still more NCECA stuff

Here are some photo's of our show and the gallery. Hummmmmm what can I say about the show. Well, it was a real honor to have a show at NCECA. This is actually my second time of being in a show for NCECA so I guess I can feel pretty good about that. This time however I can't say I was to trilled with the way the gallery owner handled the show. I felt like we where kind of overlooked in a way. I do know that at least people that where at NCECA did come by and see the work, so that was good to know and we did have a good turn out for the opening. The thing that was lacking was the reason for why we did what we did. We had all written wonderful things about our influences and the gallery owner did not put this information anywhere for folks to read. So....I hate to complain, but its kind of been "itching" at the back of my brain since I've been back.

On a high note, look at the color of those walls! I loved my pots next to those walls!

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