Weekend evants

Today the weather was bright and sunny again. Quaid had his first soccer game of the season and actually scored two goals. What a change from last year when he stood out in the field picking clover. ( I use to call him Ferdinand if you all know that book). He was so excited yesterday when he got his uniform that he slept in it. Its so wonderful to see a kid thrilled about just the smallest things in life. Cheap thrills I call them. So, he had a great day.

I took a trip up to Hendersonville NC to have lunch with a friend of mine and visit a potential new gallery there( new for me). I got all my information together and gave it to the gallery owner and we'll see what happens. It was a nice gallery but I think they cater to a more neutral look so we'll see since my stuff is pretty bright. You never know. On Friday I met with some people at The Balintyne (sp) resort here in Charlotte about ordering some of my things for the resort. I have a good friend who works there and set the whole thing up for me, which was really nice. They seemed pretty interested and we'll see how that goes as far as ordering stuff. Its always exciting to see what new accounts I can drum up each year. I use to think you needed to always stick to the same galleries but I've learned that rotation is good and I know from working at Cedar Creek that you need to give some craftsmen a rest from the public eye so when you re-order,it looks new and sells better. ( at least when I get a fall order from somewhere and not a spring I like to tell myself they are giving my work a rest....maybe I'm fooling myself but it makes me feel better!)

Joey and I went out to eat this evening for the first time in awhile. He has been on the no carb diet for months and has lost a ton of weight. I am very envious of his success but happy that he feels good about his weight. Anyways, he really was looking forward to having a real meal this evening so we enjoyed some time just vegging at this restaurant together and having someone cook for us. ( well, Joey had someone cook for him since he likes to do the cooking in our house these days.)

Tomorrow I can not wait for studio time. I'm going to finish up some boxes I've been working on and start doing some decorating to get stuff moving along to the bisque kiln. I've decided that I'm going to stick with mainly black for the brush work and whatever other technique I decide to embellish my pots with. I do have a good reason for this thought...but I'll wait to tell you later.
Good night.

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