Peter and the wolf

I've spoken before about how when I was growing up I was inundated with classic music and really anything education that my parents could find. Of course my parents where both educators so this made perfect sense to them. I really appreciate all the places they took me to now, but at the time I was like any child who really just wanted to stop at "South of the Border" or go ride go-carts in Myrtle Beach. Well, the tradition lives on in the Lawler-Mecca house-hold because I got tickets this weekend for the whole family to see the Charlotte symphony put on "Peter and the Wolf", complete with the NC ballet performing along side. I do have to admit that "Peter and the Wolf" was one of my favorite records to listen to when I was young because it was someone reading you a story. ( This record along with my Electric Company and Toni Orlando and Dawn.) Well, it was really fun and I was glad that all my children seemed to really enjoy it. The whole time we were sitting there and I had my most "antsy" child on my lap ( Aydan), I was thinking about the time my mother took me and my sister to see "The Magic Flute". I remember to this day being such a wiggle worm and my mother trying anything she could do to keep me still. I can't say I really loved going to that, except for the costumes, but I do recognize the music to "The Magic Flute". Since I really don't like roller coasters and crowded amusement parks, I think I'll keep the tradition going with dragging my crew to educational places they will either love or hate.

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