Just when the day is planned out...

I got up this morning at my usual time on Thursday ( Joey gets to take Quaid to school on this day so I get to sleep in a bit) at 7. I got the girls up, feed, dressed and ready to go and the whole time I was planning on how to handle my day. I had free time in the morning with everyone at school and I knew the three important things to do today was work, go to get groceries, exercise and clean house pretty much in that order. I keep going back and forth in my mind on weather to run to the store in the morning with out any kids in toe ( because that truly can just wear me out) or go for a brisk walk and get right in the studio. I went over the list of things I needed to throw in my studio and decided that I would have to forgo the quiet trip to the store and just take the girls with me after school. I also decided that my walk had to be limited to 30 minutes because I had alot of things to throw today. Well... needless to say nothing of the sort happened. As usual I got the girls out to the car ( of course they had to run back in and pee, check on there worms they caught the day before, say Hi to the garbage man...it goes on and on until
I usually have to threaten them and they finally hop into the car.) I finally got them in the car and couldn't find my keys anywhere. This is not an uncommon thing for me because I lose my keys a lot! All I could think about was if I couldn't find my keys, my work time would be gone. I finally found them in the ignition of the car ( yes I left them there all night long because the day before one of the girls was crying about something when we pulled up the driveway and I'm sure I just rushed her inside and forgot my keys). When I got in the car, it wouldn't start. A friend of mine came to my rescue me and got the girls to school and we got my car jumped and off to the shop to fix whatever was wrong with it. So, no work this morning, no exercise. I did manage to get my mailing list done and of course I got to work tonight so it wasn't all bad. It was just so funny to me how with coffee in hand this morning, pushing people out the door, braiding hair, making beds I spent so much mental time plotting my morning for nothing but stress over a car. Happens to all of us...right?

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