Wed. is my favorite day

The girls and I had a good day today. I was thinking today at how much I enjoy Wednesday. Its the one day in the week when I don't have to be 3 million places, no teaching, no afternoon car pool, no running the girls to school, its just a good productive day at home. We usually go to the gym and the girls play while I "try" to burn some fat off, than we go to the library where they have story time. Today it was all about spring and the girls got to make a little garden in a cup. This was such a little thrill for them. I just love to see them excited about the simplest things. We planted some bulbs today and the got so tickled over all the worms that we found. Of course they wanted to name them and bring them into the house. I'm sure at this moment there are a bunch of worms in my yard recovering from "worm heart failure" over the two twins that kept dropping them and picking them back up.

Anyways, back to the library- I always notice how all the other mothers are always so made up and look so clean and polished. This is something that has alluded me every since I had Quaid. Its like I stayed in sweat pants during my pregnancy because I refused to spend a bunch of money on maternity cloths and now...I'm still in them. One reason I don't get all dressed up is obvious - if I can run out to work, I do ( but that is very rare). Another reason I don't is that I'm still in denial about getting into all my old cloth pre-pregnancy and if you don't feel good about how you look, why get dressed up. The third reason is that I'm always racing out the door and to tired to fuss. All of these are rotten excuses but today as I was looking around at everyone and than at myself the thought really hit home. If you hadn't noticed yet by my other entries, I'm not trilled about getting older and turning 40. I use to be that cute little "hipster" and now I'm just a frumpy mother. Guess this is something I defiantly have to work on more. ( My husband hears this constantly from me).

Anyways....the rest of the day was spent on much needed house cleaning, working on my mailing list, thinking about what needs to be done in the studio this evening and making lots of phone calls. I arranged to get some new photo's of my work shot and ordered some new supplies; this is always exciting! In the studio tonight I worked on new flower blocks and got handles on my new mugs. Joey even noticed I was doing a new mug shape and it seemed to meet his approval so I guess I'm off to a good start. I'll get some photo's up when I have a good amount of work to show.
Happy Wednesday!

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happy thursday jen... as usual, all of your comments hit home...i get dolled up when i can... but i'm either grungy because I can always do one more thing in the studio or... i am in sweats all day... thinking between working in the studio, my kids and errands...i will get to work out... quite often it's late at night- which is more exhausting... so i am constantly making a plan to work out earlier... today i actually did- and its warming up a bit- so i got outside...your twins are still little and they sound precious... my youngest is in 1st and now he's in school all day- so it does let up a bit... hang in there...judi