Friday update

The kids and I had a good day today. I was able to pack up and get rid of stuff around the house for a church yard sale. I managed also to drop off all of it with the kids, look around and come home with nothing. That is a feat with three kids in toe. We picked out books at the Library, ran and errands and got a slushy at Sonic ( which was the trill of the day) so all was well on that front.
On the kiln front, I got another estimate on my Propane tank and decided I get it set up next week. It seems like such a big commitment to have them deliver it. Not that I'm going to re-nig on my grant for the kiln but something in me goes "gee, this is really going to happen!" I also got on the phone trying to get a hold of some folks who have soft brick soda kilns just to talk to them about what to coat the inside with and general questions. I can't seem to get any calls backs which is a little disheartening but maybe they are just out of town ( I have to think positively and not go the route of wondering if they are thinking" who is the chic calling me?")Last but not least the contractor who is redoing the house next door to us told me today that when he pours his concrete for his garage, he'll pour a slab for my kiln free of charge. Come to find out his soon to be wife has made pots in the past and is thrilled to have me next door. So, that was a nice twist of fate!
I managed to pug out some clay this evening. I put some harder clay in the hopper and my little blue bird spit out some really nice lugs that I used for handles this evening. I can see why people do make there own clay because it does feel so nice as compared to the stuff that comes out of a bag.
Tomorrow I am hosting The Circle of Eight meeting so it will be nice to see all my Charlotte pottery buddies for the afternoon. Maybe I'll post some photo's of us deep in pottery talk.
Ps. An update on George and or his friend. I think one of them met its doom a few days ago because I discoverd a smooshed black snake down the street a ways. Maybe its safe now to go into my shed!


Vicki Gill, potter said...

Hey, got to your site from Ron's and enjoyed reading. It brings back the "I remember days" when my kids were younger. I'm new at the blog thing but it is a nice place to put your thoughts. Vicki

Jen Mecca said...

Hey Vicki,
So glad you found me! Any comments or words of wisdom you can give me about my kids issues please feel free to leave a message! I love doing my blog and getting my thoughts, ideas and fustrations out. ( One's husband can only listen to so much pottery talk!)
Hope your having a good summer. Jen