Robin Hopper

Thursday was my last class for the spring session and I choose to show a little video. I had ordered one but it didn't come in time so I borrowed one from my friend Adrienne. It was a three part surface technique video by Robin Hopper. I have heard stories about him in workshops and at NCECA we even ran into him at the vender's tables. ( Oddly enough he was with some student and they where both wearing these huge, flat sponges on there heads and trying to be amusing while doing it) Anyways, I had no idea what the mans pots looked like or really what he was known for besides writing a few books and being a glaze guru. Well the video was a hit with my students especially the ones who really like tradition pottery and simple forms. Robin is kind of the Martha Stewart of decoration. He had all sorts of easy ways to put a surface on the pot and I have to admit I'm going try some of them with my students since they are so far away from what I like to do. My next session I vowed just to work on skills. I have been secretly picking up and looking at some of my students work when it comes out the kiln and decided it would be a good idea to go way back to the basics and take it easy on all the fancy stuff they want to see. I even enjoy doing stuff like this because like I said before , it forces me to make pots I normally do not and from that usually I always get some good ideas to bring back home.So thanks to Robin I just may get out my faceting knife and see where it takes me!

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Scott Smith said...

You are obviously talking about your advanced class, not us beginners... If you were peeking at my stuff that comes out of the kiln, you would probably have me expelled!