I was very thankful for today and knowing that the weekend was here and I will be able to relax a bit, focus on work and enjoy my family with my husband. I haven't had a chance to exercise that much this week so tonight I really just needed to get outside and move, listen to the hum of the lawnmower and enjoy cutting the grass. The air was very heavy this evening but the herb garden smelled great along with the smell of fresh cut grass. I love cutting grass, just going in all different direction to complete the task at hand is so satifying.
Today I finally got my order in and set for my slab to get poured. Wish me luck that it will be a go next week and I can start the wheels in motion on this kiln project.
This evening I finished some surface stuff on bowls and my covered jars. I can never decide when I do a new series of things if they should all be decorated the same or different. Most times I always have one that stands out from the rest because I guess my hand gets board with making the same marks. Of course this is never true with mugs and bowls, I love the repetition of everything that goes a long with making those sorts of pieces.

I started a new class this week that went really well. I sat down with each of my intermediate people and just watched them throw to see how there hands where, there body position. We just made really tall cylinders and cut through them all to see how consistent they where. The class thought this was great so I was please that I had chosen this for our focus. Of course it has had me thinking of bottles and why I never make things like that. I guess I don't see the market for a bottle, even though I know that doesn't really matter. We'll see if I get inspired to make some for the next show coming up.
(The saws are going full blast next door and its 11:30 at night. I'm surprised that some of my older neighbors have not complained yet about all the noise next door. We live these days in such a inconsiderate society.)

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