Here are the lidded jars I've been working on. Let me know what you think!

I spent yesterday inside my kiln literally putting the pins in so the elements don't pop out.Last time I didn't do a great job and I had a lot of elements all over the place. So..there is was stuffed in my kiln ( which was a oven) listening to the hammering and electric nail guns going to town. The workers next door managed to get almost a whole garage up in a day, it was amazing to Joey and myself.

I threw some tall narrow vases last night. I'll get some photo's of those up soon. Hope you had a good Saturday!


Judi Tavill said...

back from spain and london but i did keep an eye on your blog while i was gone.... looks like you are in the thick of it...did you get the concrete slab worked out...? picked up a luster piece from seville- trianna circa 1910-1920 when we were away... its a nice pitcher... the proportions are relly nice too... i have a craft show coming up at peter's valley craft center in september... any tips from the pro???-that's you!it's indoor and i don't know whether to buy dividers or "rent" theirs.... the tent won't work- i don't need a ceiling...ideas.... advice....judi

Jen Mecca said...

If you got into the Peters Valley show, you don't need my help. That looks like a really good upscale show. I guess i would rent dividers. Don't they offer curtains? Do you have a friend who has done this show before?

Scott Smith said...

Jen, these jars are amazing (Jul 1 post). I love the form - it seemed magical somehow. How are they decorated? I'm very curious about decorations...