Moving right along on the shelter! Today Joey and Paul, my neighbor got the posts for the shelter up. I can't believe we are moving right along. It gives me a really good feeling to know that I may have a chance of getting this thing up and built by the time I told the NC arts council I would have the project done!

Tonight its back to the studio. Joey and I are planning on watching a movie together while I work. ( I know....that is so bad to throw and watch TV, there is a "zen" potter out there somewhere on the web who has just wrote me off there list.) But, some weekends this is the only way we can have a date together and tonight I'm just making some slump molds and sprigs so I think I can watch and listen while doing that.

PS. I also listen to MPR and books on tape if that will put me back into anyone good graces out there is cyber world.


Anonymous said...

You do what you have to do to make it all happen personally and professionally. Don't apologize - I'm looking forward to the results from your new kiln! Keep up the hard work.

Scott Smith said...

I agree... did you know that Beethoven ironed his laundry while composing some of his best-known works? Ok, so I just made that up, but it could have happened!

By the way what are slump molds and sprigs?

Anonymous said...

i love it! the is so much zen in throwing and watching a movie! it is great! also i am a fan of npr myself, but i would love to know about mpr..is that for muppets public radio..ha ha, i am excited to see your kiln materializing, keep posting the pics!!! peace-jeff

Jen Mecca said...

Kris - thanks for the pep talk. Stay tune for more evants with the kiln.

Jeff -
Now muppet public radio would be right up my alley...plus the kids would love that! To funny.

I ended up ditching my studio for the sofa and popcorn. We watched this movie about a serial killer called "the Zodiac". Pretty good and much needed "zone out" session.

Scott - I'll have to show you Slump molds. They are for making trays and Sprigs are those leaf things on my pots that stick up.
( By the way, I am going to be teaching thurseday night in the fall) Jen

Scott Smith said...

Thursday night at Clayworks... what time? Beginning or intermediate? That's good news for me. What about the other gig you mentioned?