And the beat goes on...

I had a reality check yesterday in thinking that I was living in one of those neighborhoods that goes up in 2 weeks flat - new construction. We moved to this neighborhood because all the houses where old and the lots big and lots of privacy. Most of the people at the time on our street where older folks who had lived here forever.You hardly see most of these people even come out of there homes. Slowly the street is being up-dated but still most everyone here wants to keep the integrity of the old homes in tact and not change to much. People who live in small towns with rich history respect this I think. Our home is over 100 years old and we are only the 4th owner. I think that is amazing in a world where people move around like crazy. The guy who is re-doing the house next door is a new construction contractor and as I've said before , he's very young, kind of full of himself and from the get go, the older folks on the street where very ify about what he was doing. Joey and I where just thrilled the house was finally going to have a home owner and we thought the old folks should just except change. Well now I look out at my kiln shed and see this huge garage that is looming over my yard and I think maybe all those folks where right. I've been going back and forth to my shed all week in my usual manner only I know I have no privacy because workmen are always around watching me. I go out to hang the laundry and there they are along with that huge garage. It bothers me, what else can I say. Joey keeps telling me how great it is that the house next door that was in such dis-repair and now has been totally gutted, has just made our house go way up in value. I know he's right about this but all this change to my surroundings just makes me kind of grumpy. There.....I got it out. I'm sure I'll have more to say about the matter as time goes on. I have to remember that this guy is helping me with my kiln slab.

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