Tuesday thoughts

I have been back in the studio making things. I guess that seems like a good way to put it. Amy Sanders and I on our way to the Greenwood Friday night where talking about what kind of real connection we had to our work. We both feel sort of in a grey area with what we do. We are stuck on the question of "what is the background behind why you create what you do". The simple answer of " I like to make utilitarian pottery because I grew up in a family who liked to eat and have an elaborate meal", just doesn't say all that needs to be said these days. Most potters have really clear explanations for why they put bugs on there pots, or make a foot a certain way. I'm back struggling with this again. Maybe I've been struggling with this since grad school( maybe in grad school...who knows). Back than I had a direction, a reason since than I have just been trying to get my electric glazes to look a certain way and work and make some money at what I do.
I threw some big covered jars last night. I made a form that was simple and pretty standard I thought besides the fact I changed the flange by making it square. Ever since Julia Galloway's workshop, I've been hooked on the incising method. I've used it along with my springs, my stain application and the resist method. I really enjoy doing it but kind of feel like I'm stealing an idea so I've been trying to work it out with another type of surface application. And still , I ask myself what connection I have to these methods. More and more I think about getting back into salt work and limiting what I do on my surface, change my clay body and start totally new. This of course would take time to work out but I still have not got over an edge to find my niche I think.
Some days thinking to much while your working can stale your brain out. I'm having a stale-out I guess.
Tomorrow night I have a meeting with my Circle of Eight group so no working in the studio. Saturday I THINK we are putting the roof on my kiln shed if my neighbor and Joey can round up some more guys to help.
I'll see if I can get some images up of pots in progress this week.


Anonymous said...

hey jen, i noticed that you have put my blogspot on your space. thanks!, but i don't use that space for anything other than uploading pictures...i cannot figure out how to do it on myspace. if you wouldn't mind would you put down the url, as www.myspace.com/sugarpotter. this is the current blogsite i use...gracias! now lets get that roof on! have you tried offering out free beer to your guy friends, it works well!

Jen Mecca said...

My "tec"guy said he changed your blog info. and the free beer today is well stocked in the frig!!! I may ever get some cookies in the oven just to sweeten the blow of the 97 degree heat today!