Time for tests

The kiln is all boxed up and in the shed. We are making plans for extending the ground in front of the kiln and constructing the kiln shelter but, the real issue is the Insulating fire bricks that I need to coat with something. I've talked to people, I've read stuff and considered some crazy alternatives to the ITC, which most people say is what is needed on soft bricks in a salt/soda atmosphere. As much as people say that is what you need they also fallow that statement with the fact that it flacks off into your pots. Not to mention that it is very expensive. So, this evening I mixed up two formula's to test that I either got from a Gail Nicholas book or one that I read off of ClayArt. Gail Nicholas answer to coating IFB is a formula of EPK, Alumina and Molochite - all equal parts. The other recipe is EPK, whiting and Potash Feldspar. ( At the moment the brake down of that one escapes me but if someone is interested in knowing it, just drop me a note.) Ann had two types of IFB in her kiln ( K23's and
K 26's) so tomorrow I'm taking them out to my friend Ron Philbecks soda kiln and he going to test these for me. I'm also throwing in some test pots with my cone7 glazes on them just to see what happens. As all tests, I can't wait to see what I find out!
Last night I threw mugs and made some little trivet trays. I always have to ease back into my throwing when I've taken a break. I got a cool order a few days ago from the manager of Cedar Creek Gallery. It seems they will be celebrating there 40's anniversary and they are asking all the potters who once worked there to make 40 mugs with something on it to mark the date. Of course the interpretation of 40 is left up to the potter. I love orders like this, it makes creating so much fun. I'll let you know some of my idea's when I get to that point. Chow!

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