For the most part its been kind of a busy week..or at least my mind has been really busy. Yesterday I took the kids to Shelby to visit my friend Ron, get some photo's of his kiln shed and put some sample bricks and pots in his kiln. Here's a photo of his kiln shed, which I guess we are going to try and reconstruct over my kiln. Ron had a good idea of painting the wood white to spruce it up some for my neighborhood so no one would find it such an eye sour. I guess to save money Joey and a few other guys are going to have to build it. I guess if I can get my parents to watch all three kids, I'll even help and really I should since its mine.

This kiln grant has really taken on a force of its own and once that ball started rolling it has been clear that it isn't going to stop until its up and running and hopefully bringing me new good work. I have really slowly realised how much being a creative person and trying to make a business out of being just that effects everyone around you. I remember Linda Christensen telling me that how when she won a huge grant to build her studio she felt almost grief because she had worked so hard to get there and had sacrificed so much. I didn't understand that statement at the time but the more I bring my family into this life, the more I kind of understand what she said and why.

Anyways, lots of deep thoughts and feelings with bringing this kiln home and what lies before me in this new adventure.

Last night I finished up some new cool slab built trays and mugs, mugs, mugs ( which some still need handles put on). Today I did some much needed book keeping from the last month of expenses. This weekend I would like to fill up all my shelves in my studio with pots waiting to dry and get some surface treatment. Tomorrow night is the opening in Greenwood Sc for our Circle of Eight show. I'll post more about that tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I am glad I don't live beside that Ron guy, boy that place looks like a wreck. He must live out in the hills somewhere. I know your shed will be more beautiful than his.

Jen Mecca said...

No kidding, plus he owns these two dogs that totally like to scare poor little kids who come visit him!