Moving Dirt

The bobcat came today and dug/moved around dirt for the swell to help the flow of water into the yard. Here a photo of him dumping and packing down a huge amount around the kiln pad to also offset the water issue plus give me more floor room around the shelter for tables and stacking the bricks for the door. The kids of course where thrilled with this whole process today. Quaid thought for sure today that maybe the digger would unearth some hidden treasure in our yard. ( Wouldn't we all like to seen that.) The guy who was running the bulldozer next door a few weeks ago told me how he's always looking for stuff when he's digging up yards around here in York because there is some story about a bunch of gold or money that was berried by the confederate army around here. Wouldn't it be funny if that story became common knowledge around here. I'm sure I'd find at least half of my neighbors with metal detectors and bobcats searching around there yards in the middle of the night.

I'm off to the Greenwood opening with Amy Sanders. I'll check back in later.

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