Iguess the concrete guys know weather it is going to rain or not because I was totally surprised to see the concrete truck next door this morning pouring my neighbors driveway. But low and be hold it did not rain and I too got my concrete. Isn't it something? What a slab - much more than I had thought it would be and I think it will be great once we get a shed over it and of course the kiln on top. The kids and I had to welcome it and send it some good vibes with some happy hand prints. Of course the kids got a big kick out of seeing the Bobcat bulldozer come in and out of the yard with the cement.
The gas guy comes next Tuesday and the weekend of the 22nd we are off to Greenville NC to take down and pack up the kiln.


Ron said...

Beautiful. How big is it?

Judi Tavill said...

very exciting... i'll send positive vibes your way that the kiln turns out just right!... yep charged for the pipe... life in the fast lane.... i chose black... most of the pieces are light!

Jen Mecca said...

The slab is 10 X10. I think Ann said her's was bigger but she said this would work.