Greenwood opening

Amy Sanders and I went down to Greenwood for the opening at the arts council with the Circle of Eight group. The show looked really good and all our work looked great under there glass cases. Amy and I had a good time catching up since we hardly get to see each other that much even though we both teach at Clayworks. The arts council was honoring Ruth Martin who has been teaching art for over 50 years. For many years the Greenwood school district did not teach art in the schools so Ruth would teach private art lessons in her home. I was one of those people who took private lessons from her even though at that time the school district did have art classes. I also worked for Ruth in her framing shop and I was one of two lucky people she asked to be in this show honoring her....that was a treat. She is one of my favorite people from my childhood and I think I realised how important adult mentors are to children. Congratulations
If you want to see more images of the show, I'll be posting some on our Circle of Eight blog in a few days.

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